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Now in the field of Software Development, it is impossible to know everything. A given that most of us understand already, at the least we are reminded of it frequently with the no end of acronyms we are confronted with daily.

But it’s nice to come across something different. I find as student learning these days, there is a wealth of tools and technologies that are already established, but seem to fall under the radar.

The gem that has come to my attention recently is Bazaar. Bazaar is a Version Control System sponsored by Canonical. It posses a GUI and is written in Python.

If your newer to software development, it almost comes as a surprise that anything else exists beyond Git/Github.

Bazaar even has some interesting perks to go along with it. Launchpad, GNU Savannah, and SourceForge will host your code repositories for free.

But at this point I don’t know how much further into detail it is worth going into about the Bazaar version-control-system project. As it appears to be dormant, with its last stable release being 15th February 2016. Most software relying on Bazaar made the move to Git.

Although on the bright-side it was forked in 2017 to a new project called Breezy. This new project is still active upon publication of this article.

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