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🎃Hacktoberfest Volume – IRC 0.0.2🎃


IRC == Internet Relay Chat. It’s bare bones instant messaging. It’s been around since ’88.

IRC can be a pain to navigate, so I will do my best here to give you the pointers to get started. This will not be in-depth look.

My goal here is to eliminate the some of headache I had just getting started in IRC.

Some of the projects I wanted contribute to over the month, were a bit of a challenge to even get into. Even then, your mileage may vary.

Older established communities, especially in the Linux community, use a combination of IRC and mailing lists.

When you look for information on IRC, your bound to come up with a lot of information about freenode. This is apparently a delicate topic among these platforms and their users. Do not mention it in IRC chat platforms, as your are likely to get banned.

So here is your TLDR – freenode is an IRC network that was extremely popular. Somebody new took over, and development staff left en masse. The new ownership also took over established channels, and booted the people who control and moderate those channels. The staff that left created Libera.Chat.


So for most of the projects I am interested in, there are two avenues for IRC. You will probably have to have an account on both networks. These networks use channel servers. Think Discord servers, which most people these days are somewhat familiar with these days.

One is matrix, and the other is Libera.Chat. Both can be used through a browser, which I recommend if you use a VPN like I do. As figuring out why I could not connect to Libera.Chat took awhile, and at the end of the day it was because I was using a VPN.

You’ll find yourself wrestling with SASL identification issues, and I found it extremely confusing to deal with. You will find yourself deep on forums, and most of the information I had found was for freenode. It is time consuming. Special note, when connecting to Libera.Chat, your IP address will be exposed when using locally installed clients. It is important to take advantage of the cloak feature on Libera.Chat. It is very easy to do. When you first get onto, you will be brought to a general server channel, it’s here you conduct account administration duties with a bot. So it is important to mask your IP address before you join public channels.

Both networks have multiple clients, Libera, and matrix that you can use to access the networks. Most Linux distributions come with some sort of IRC client preinstalled. I noticed from distro hopping, which client is preinstalled is usually dependant on which desktop environment (DE) your using.

I have recently been using to connect to the matrix network, and it appears to have “bridge” functionality to the Libera network. You will need an account for both of the networks..


Honestly the whole process is a hassle, especially the first time. Maybe life will be easier on Mac or Windows. But to save your time, I’m going to recommend you register your account name immediately. Most rooms require you to register your name to participate in any sort of discussion. If you join rooms, and register your account afterwards, you may have difficulty getting your “silenced” removed. As these are community rooms, nobody is obliged to remove that for you.

Like mentioned previously, I would recommend accessing via web browser.

Save your self the time, or allocate your time accordingly.


    Choose your client and/or method. These can depend on your operating system as well.
    Be ready to disable your VPN. As at least for your first time accessing the network. Once I registered, using the browser clients with my VPN, was never an issue. Using locally installed clients, as soon as the VPN goes up, I’m disconnected. This is likely some sort of SASL issues I have not addressed.
    When you get into (for example) Libera.Chat you will be brought into a server channel that appears to be a general connection between you and a bot. This is where you will message the bot using predefined commands to conduct administration duties. The commands will be different on Libera.Chat & accessing matrix through element.
    Choose your nickname in the aforementioned server, and try to register it.
    Once you have registered your account, follow these steps to cloak your account.

You should be good to go now. The biggest hassle is finding out, and navigating the ^ above ^.

Depending on your client, you can use the GUI to navigate and find rooms (channels) to join, or you can use command line commands to join rooms i.e,./join #libera-cloak


Free node is dead

Libera Basics

Libera Registration

Libera Cloaks

Easy setup guide for Connecting Libera.Chat through Matrix + Registration

$ shutdown


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