Mitchell Gregoris

Software Development Student || Toronto, ON, Canada


  • 🎃Hacktoberfest Volume – IRC 0.0.2🎃

    IRC IRC == Internet Relay Chat. It’s bare bones instant messaging. It’s been around since ’88. IRC can be a pain to navigate, so I will do my best here to give you the pointers to get started. This will not be in-depth look. My goal here is to eliminate the some of headache I […]

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  • 🎃Hacktoberfest Volume 0.0.1🎃

    🎃 Hacktoberfest v0.0.1 🎃 Lets us have a brief look at the month in hindsight. Stay tuned for more explicit dive into Hacktoberfest. Expectations Going in, I did not know what to think. I was excited to be apart of the open source community, and at times overwhelmed. I knew from joining the Discord Server […]

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  • Brass Tacks

    About Moi – My name is Mitchell Gregoris. Now what brought me here today? When I started post-secondary education, I needed to purchase a laptop. Not much use hauling around a desktop mid-tower is there? Aside from enjoying the funny looks, and ending up on other peoples social media feeds. I researched and did my […]

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